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Freight Technology, Inc. develops solutions for freight management through custom programming of data management tools and rating systems. Comp-U-Rate® is an independent LTL and Truckload rating/freight management tool developed, copyrighted, and trademarked by Freight Technology, Inc in May of 2005. Since then, it has been selected as the rate base and freight management software of choice by many companies throughout the USA.

Joseph Compton, President & CEO, along with Brad Tomlin, CIO, are committed to providing easy to use freight management software to industry. Comp-U-Rate is one of several software tools developed and licensed by Freight Technology, Inc. Joseph Compton spent twenty seven and one half years in the freight industry working for one of the largest LTL carriers of all time. This gave him personal experience, knowledge, and insight into what the market needed in a simple LTL base rate program. Brad Tomlin brought his many years of software development and programming skills to the organization. Together with their hands on industry experience, programming ability and creative design Comp-U-Rate was developed.

Freight Technology, Inc continues to incorporate ideas brought forth by licensed users to further enhance its functionality and use. We invite you to demo Comp-U-Rate for your company and make it part of your freight department. The base rate scales are made available to all LTL carriers at no charge but shippers must maintain a minimal annual license to use the software and negotiate discounts off of the rate scales.

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