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Are you shipping or receiving LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight?

Are your LTL (Less Than Truckload) Carriers providing a discount off of their individual current scale of rates?

Do you use multiple types of LTL Carriers both regional and national?

Do you have to go to each of their websites each time you need an LTL rate quote?

Are you spending too much time figuring out what LTL carrier is cheapest on a shipment?

If so, you should utilize one single independent LTL rate base/scale for all of your LTL Carrier negotiations and pricing.

Comp-U-Rate is the answer!

It is easy to use and allows all of your carriers’ pricing to be in one rate quote screen. It allows you to choose the lowest net cost, print and save quotes, calculate density for density rated items, and do zip code/city/state lookups. Comp-U-Rate Base Rates are used by all major regional, super regional, and national LTL Carriers throughout the USA. Shippers across the USA have chosen Comp-U-Rate as their Independent LTL Base Rate and Freight Management Software Tool.

You can also use Comp-U-Rate to negotiate and maintain all of your TL (Truckload) rates. Comp-U-Rate has its own mileage calculator or it can interface with PC*Miler to determine mileage AND optimize TL routings. Since you can rate your own Truckload shipments there is no reason for a carrier to send you an invoice. This eliminates the need for an audit and saves you time and money.

WHY use Comp-U-Rate?

To REDUCE COST and SIMPLIFY your LTL and TL Freight programs!

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